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Dr. Tran is proud to be the only optometrist in North Texas to have the TearLab Osmolarity System which is the latest technology in diagnosing dry eye disease. The TearLab Osmolarity System is designed to measure the osmolarity or the amount of salt, in a patient’s tears. Best of all it only needs a very small sample and it only takes 20 seconds to calculate the osmolarity. (See a demonstration of the TearLab test at the doctor acquires that number, they will be able to prescribe a dry eye treatment that is just right for you. 


The Diosys Neuro Optic Vision Asessment - Visual Evoked Potential Vision Testing System allows Dr. Tran to objectively measure the neurological responses of the entire visual pathway.    Therefore, Dr. Tran can diagnose optic nerve diseases and other neuro-visual disorders, including glaucoma and other retinal eye diseases such as diabetes and macular degeneration earlier.


Wavefront Aberrometer: Refractive Power / Corneal Analyzer

NIDEK OPD SCAN III (newest technology)

The unique OPD-Scan III is an advanced  vision-assessment system that combines topography, wavefront, autorefraction,  keratometry, and pupillometry — allowing accurate and reliable analysis of  corneal aberration.




Dr. Tran is proud to be one of the first eye doctors in the State of Texas to have the newest technology, the iVUE SD-OCT. The iVUE SD-OCT is the most versatile OCT (MRI) system available today for the early detections of glaucoma, retinal and corneal disease.




optomap Retinal Exam: Early detection of eye disease


The optomap Retinal Exam is used by Dr. Tran to get an ultra-widefield view of the retina (panaromic view of the back of the eye). While eye exams generally include a look at the front of the eye to evaluate health and prescription changes, a thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy.

This can lead to early detection of common diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, and even cancer. The exam is quick, painless, and may not require dilation drops.







Konan Specular Microscope 

The new way to assess cell loss or damage due to overwearing of contact lens, surgery, the aging process – unobtainable with biomicroscopy and corneal topography. It is also an excellent tool for: educating patients, screening for corneal disease (fuchs-guttata, kerataconus, trauma, etc.) and observing the damaging effects of contact lens wearing and to access the proper treatment and contact lens management.



Canon Retinal Camera is the first fully hybrid digital retinal camera with both mydriatic and non-mydriatic modes (no dilation required), which may not only save time and resources but also makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient.   It is capable of delivering clear and detailed diagnostic images for virtually immediate review of the back of the patient's eyes (retina) without dilation. The single onboard digital camera handles five different photography modes, including non-mydriatic FAF, Color, Red-free, Cobalt and Fluorescein angiography photography.




Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer  

This test will draw a map of the back of your eye and what you can see.   Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer is one of the best methods to measure the visual field for the detections of glaucoma and many other eye disease.





Topcon Auto Refractor delivers precise accurate objective refraction (patient does not have to answer which is better 1 or 2) data with the Topcon exclusive Rotary Prism Technology Rather than single-measurement points like other auto-refractors, the Rotary Prism covers a wider field, ensuring the most reliable objective refraction data. The KR-8800 offers an all-new color LCD monitor, reduced measurement time, a small 2mm minimum pupil requirement, pupil/cornea diameter measurements, PD measurement, an infra-red reflex feature to monitor developing opacity, and USB and RS-232 connections for enhanced and faster data transfer.



Topcon Computerized AutoTonometer makes intraocular pressure measurements easier and more comfortable than ever before (no touching of the corneas or eye drops required). It features a 30% faster measurement time, a triple patient safety function, and a dual sensor measuring system.






The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) is a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope (MRI-like instrument) used for the detection and diagnosis of glaucoma at the earliest stages.   A laser light scans the retina in 24 millisecond sequential scans, starting above the retinal surface, then capturing parallel images at increasing depths. The stacks of images can be combined to create a three-dimensional (3-D) topographic image of the retina. Images are aligned and compared using TruTrack™ software for both individual examinations and for detecting progression between examinations. The same technology is used in the HRT Retina Module.   When applying the technology to glaucoma, the HRT takes data from a 3-D stack of tomographic images of the optic nerve and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), aligns the images and computes a 3-D topographic map of the surface of the retina. This 3-D topographic map is analyzed for signs of glaucomatous damage and the results are displayed on either a single eye examination report or on an OU examination report.




Topcon Auto Lensometer

The CL-200 Computerized Lensmeter combines innovative technology with ease-of-use to read prescription from patient's glasses. It features progressive lens measurement, a large color LCD monitor, and a new green light reading beam that enhances measurement precision.






Topcon Visichart Computerized Visual Acuity Chart (state-of-the-art eye chart)

The VisiChart Flat Panel All-in-One Visual Acuity System features a large 17” LCD display and wireless remote. This stand alone unit is a great addition to any conventional exam room. VisiChart meets ANSI and ISO standards for vision testing, incorporates a wide array of charts including ETDRS, and has mirroring ability.




OfficeMate / ExamWRITER Electronic Medical Records